Honey Extractor Rental

Epsom Beekeepers Association has four honey extractors for members to use.
Three of them are smaller powered units that can be carried by hand to a car and taken home, one is a larger unit which always remains on site in the club kitchen.
The three machines for home use are numbered 3, 4 and 5 and there is some variation in there capabilities
Number 3 = Machine capable of spinning super sized frames only
Number 4 = Machine capable of spinning super sized frames and national brood frames
Number 5 = New machine this year capable of spinning super sized frames only
Members can book extractors by following these steps:-
1. Review the calendars on the link below.
Honey extractor rental excel sheet
2. Identify suitable extractor with a vacant time slot that suits you.
3. Email a request to 
4. The co-ordinator will double check availability, log your booking on the spreadsheet and reply to your mail to confirm.
5. When you call at the club to collect the extractor please pay the fee.
£15 for small extractor
£30 for large extractor and apiary kitchen 
Payment to be made card on collection or BACS transfer ahead of collection – NO CASH.
Following the outbreak of the Corona virus additional precautions, practises and conditions have been set out by the committee all members hiring extractors.
Please familiarise yourself with the protocol for extraction here.