A Hive in your garden

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Would you like to have bees in your garden but do not have the time or energy to be a beekeeper?

How about hosting a hive?   This will give you the pleasure of discovering the fascinating world of the honeybee and also an understanding of this craft without all the work.  You can be satisfied that you are supporting pollination and biodiversity.

We at Epsom Beekeepers have members who find it difficult to find a safe space for their colony of bees.

Have you got a garden that might suitable?

The requirements of a site are:

Will the site cause a nuisance to neighbours or the general public?

The site must not be in a garden where children play.

There  needs to be convenient access to the site, the beekeeper has to bring in equipment which is some times heavy.

It is essential that it is out of the public gaze.

Consideration must be given to public footpaths and your use of the land.

An experienced beekeeper will visit you to assess the suitability of your site.

If interested contact

e-mail info@epsombeekers.co.uk


(If you find bees in your garden please read the Swarm page)