WELCOME TO EPSOM BEEKEEPERSWe practice and promote the craft of beekeeping in Epsom and the surrounding area
Asian Hornet - Invasive Species Alert We encourage all Beekeepers and members of the public to be vigilant. Any sightings/captures of Asian Hornet need to be reported immediately.
Asian Hornet
Honey Sales Upper Mill Honey from our Apiary in Ewell Village is now available to purchase.


Taster Day – a brief Beekeeping experience:
Theoretical Beekeeping course:
Practical Beekeeping course:

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Apiary Shop

The shop is open for sales of new equipment, to any beekeeper and is located in the Apiary building at The Upper Mill. 

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Price List

Apiary Shop Price List (EBKA Members get 10% reduction on the prices stated) Prices correct as of 10th May 2019

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Information on Membership of Epsom Beekeepers Association, which is part of British Beekeepers Association (BBKA)

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Photo Gallery

Collections of interesting pictures:

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EBKA Coming Events  

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General Enquires

General Enquires For all general enquires please email: info@epsombeekeepers.co.uk

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The Apiary

Located in the heart of Ewell Village behind the Upper Mill

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SWARMS Its that time of the year again when Honey Bees start to swarm. Please see our guide showing what to do in the event that you have a swarm
Swarm Info